Matt Hardy reacts to WWE creating The Hardy Bros, blasts Vince McMahon

Jeff Hardy, Matt Riddle, and Matt Hardy.
Jeff Hardy, Matt Riddle, and Matt Hardy.
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Matt Hardy has finally reacted to The Hardy Bros gimmick. WWE's decision to pair up Matt Riddle with Jeff Hardy and name the duo The Hardy Bros has raised eyebrows across the board. The blatant attempt at recreating the Hardy Boyz dynamic between Matt and Jeff Hardy has been met with polarizing reactions.

Matt Hardy shared his thoughts on the Hardy Bros gimmick in his new YouTube video. The AEW Superstar was firm on his stand that The Hardy Boyz was the greatest tag team of all time, and he even took a shot at Vince McMahon.

The AEW Star, who was in character, added that Vince McMahon is obsessed with the popularity and success of The Hardy Boyz. Hardy explained that the WWE CEO's obsession with the legendary tag team compelled him to recreate the team, this time with a different 'Matt.'

"If someone ever asked you 'who the greatest tag team of all time is?', it is the Hardy Boyz. As a matter of fact, Vince McMahon is so obsessed with the greatest and popularity and the success of the Hardy Boyz that he has created the Hardy Bros, and he has put together another guy named Matt with my brother Jeff, to try and recreate the magic that we once had."


The Hardy Bros with Jeff and Matt 'Riddle', that's not going to work - Matt Hardy on WWE's newest tag-team

Matt Hardy stated that Vince McMahon is trying to 'confuse the marketplace' and that the WWE Boss still wishes that he had the original Hardy Boyz. The 46-year-old veteran believed that Jeff Hardy and Matt Riddle's alliance would not be successful.

"He is trying to confuse the marketplace because he still wishes he had the Hardy Boyz. The Hardy Bros with Jeff and Matt 'Riddle', that's not going to work."
Matt Riddle and Jeff Hardy.
Matt Riddle and Jeff Hardy.

Matt Hardy said that WWE would have fared better putting over Fake Razor and Fake Diesel than with the new iteration of the Hardy Boyz.

"You would have had a better chance with the Fake Razor and Fake Diesel. And remember this, if you are ever asked, 'Who is the greatest tag team of all time?' It's a simple, easy answer; The Hardy Boyz are the greatest tag team of all time. The the truth!"

WWE is serious about Matt Riddle, and Jeff Hardy's newfound alliance as the company recently filed for a trademark for the 'Hardy Bros.'

Do you agree with Matt Hardy's comments on the Hardy Bros partnership between Riddle and Jeff? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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