Matt Hardy reveals real reason he left WWE for AEW

Matt Hardy in WWE with Jeff Hardy, Edge, and Christian
Matt Hardy in WWE with Jeff Hardy, Edge, and Christian

Matt Hardy is currently in AEW, and signed with the company after he left WWE, not re-signing a new contract after the old one expired. Since then, there have been a lot of rumors as to why Matt Hardy left WWE at the time that he did to join AEW. During a recent interview on the Chris Van Vliet Show, Matt Hardy revealed the real reason he left the company.

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Matt Hardy on leaving WWE when he did

Matt Hardy revealed that in Vince McMahon's mind, he was getting old and wanted him in a more backstage WWE position instead of his usual in-ring position. Matt Hardy went on to say that while he was happy with that, he wanted to wrestle in the ring for a longer time, even if it had to be outside WWE.

“It made the most sense. I could see in Vince and WWE’s mind – in Vince’s mind, he was ready to move me on from being a talent to working backstage and being a producer and to get back and teach other guys behind the scenes. And I’m very happy to do that a little later. But these last few years I have to do this physically, I wanna do it to the highest level I can. I wanna enjoy it. The whole reason I got into pro wrestling in the first place is because I loved the idea of becoming a pro wrestler. So I don’t wanna give that up right now. And then even though they offered to do other things after I expressed that was my concern, I knew in my head they’d already made up their mind how they see me as is. So I made up my mind that I needed to go somewhere else, and AEW was the best-case scenario because the Young Bucks – I’m great friends with those guys – and here’s there’s just such a refreshing creative liberty and creative freedom where you have input and you really have a hand in the direction of your career goes in.”

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