Matt Riddle and Randy Orton remind former WWE Superstar of a popular Attitude Era tag team (Exclusive)

Randy Orton (left) and Matt Riddle (right) are known as RK-Bro.
Randy Orton (left) and Matt Riddle (right) are known as RK-Bro.

Former WWE Superstar Al Snow believes Matt Riddle and Randy Orton formed a similar on-screen bond to the one he had with Steve Blackman.

Blackman and Snow joined forces as unlikely tag team partners in 2000. The duo’s segments largely revolved around Snow attempting to draw personality out of Blackman, who was known for his serious approach. Similarly, Riddle often tries to evoke emotions from Orton when they interact on television.

In an interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Riju Dasgupta, the former European Champion agreed that there is a resemblance between RK-Bro and his team with Blackman:

“I would say that they probably are following the odd couple type of approach that Blackman and I did as well, which worked very well for us and was a lot of fun to do with Steve and myself,” Snow said. “Really enjoyed working with Steve, and he was a great straight man.” [4:57 - 5:16]

Orton has not appeared in WWE since May due to a back injury. It is unclear when he plans to return.


Watch the video above to hear Snow’s thoughts on Glenn Jacobs’ 25-year anniversary as the Kane character.

Former WWE Superstar Al Snow discusses OVW’s future

WWE’s former developmental system, Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), is now run by Al Snow.

According to the 59-year-old, every up-and-coming wrestler at OVW has a realistic chance to work for a major company one day:

“Everybody has the potential, quite honestly, to be that next breakout star,” Snow said. “People ask me that all the time, and I don’t want to pick any one particular person because somebody might hear this and go, ‘Well, what about me?’ and inadvertently I just forgot their name... Truly, honestly, I would say everyone that’s at OVW, the reason they’re there is to potentially move on to a larger platform. They are stars already. They just don’t realize it.” [0:33 - 1:14]

Michelle Green, a current OVW wrestler, also spoke in the interview about her past experiences training at Glenn Jacobs’ wrestling academy.

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