Matt Riddle receives major new offer immediately after WWE release; appears to accept

Matt Riddle could be wrestling again sooner than anyone thought
Matt Riddle could be wrestling again sooner than anyone thought

Matt Riddle is no longer a part of WWE. The star was let go by the company minutes before SmackDown started, and he confirmed as much on social media. However, he's already received a new offer for what to do next now that he is not tied down to WWE. An old rival and teammate has made an offer that Riddle appears to have accepted already - teaming up with Curt Stallion.

Riddle's release appears to have shocked a large part of the WWE fanbase, who are disappointed at what could have been regarding the star's run in the company. Soon after, he announced that he was no longer a part of the company, though, he received an offer.

A former WWE star, Curt Stallion, who was once part of 205 Live, sent Riddle an offer to team up. The two are familiar with each other, having battled on Evolve back in the day. On top of that, Matt Riddle and he had teamed up. With the two having a similar look, fans also fancied them as a team. The star even has a promotion in mind - NOAH.

"Let's team up again. This time in @noah_ghc," Stallion wrote.

Matt Riddle retweeted the offer, clearly approving it. As soon as Riddle's no-compete deal is up with WWE, he may head over to team up with Stallion. Fans may see them in NOAH before the end of the year.

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