Matt Sydal fka Evan Bourne takes shots at WWE; praised other wrestling promotions

Matt Sydal has wrestled in promotions around the world, including AEW, WWE, NJPW, and Ring of Honor
Matt Sydal has wrestled in promotions around the world, including AEW, WWE, NJPW, and Ring of Honor

Former WWE Superstar Matt Sydal recently made his debut in AEW as a part of the Casino Battle Royale at AEW: All Out. Despite him making his debut at the show, it's not clear if he has signed with the company or the nature of his deal with the company.

In an interview, Matt Sydal talked to Raj Giri on The Wrestling Inc Daily Podcast about different aspects, including WWE, Ring of Honor, and other subjects. During the interview, he took a shot at WWE for their COVID-19 testing protocols and talked about how other wrestling promotions have done it better.

Matt Sydal takes shots at WWE

Matt Sydal praised the manner in which NJPW handled the testing during the pandemic, and they were extremely cautious. However, he pointed out that in WWE, it felt like the company had not been too concerned about the wrestlers.

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"I think New Japan handled it extremely well and professionally. I know they were very cautious. The Japanese style, they really do have concern for their neighbors kind of more than themselves. So I think they did a really good job of that. From what I've known about WWE, it doesn't seem like they were too concerned about the wrestlers getting sick. I think they kind of downplayed the illness."

Matt Sydal went on to say that he felt that things were different in AEW, and they got tested every time they were a part of the shows, while in WWE, that was not the case early on.

"I don't think they were putting the safety of the wrestlers first or even their fans out there, but I mean it seems to not have too many side effects, plus we know that all these corrupt politicians are fighting so that way companies don't have any responsibility even if people do get sick. AEW, two of my students have been going up there to do AEW Dark. Faboo Andre and Tony Donati, I'll just name drop them because they're really hard-working students of mine at the Sy Tojo, and they've been going up there and they've been getting coronavirus tests every time they go up."

Readers can also check out this video of Tony Schiavone as he talks about whether WWE can ever surpass AEW or not.


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