Mia Yim jokes she "would ask to be released" before teaming with 47-year-old WWE Superstar

Mia Yim recently made her return to WWE
Mia Yim recently made her return to WWE

Since returning to WWE, Mia Yim has aligned herself with various male and female superstars. A performer she hilariously said she would not want to team up with, however, is Shelton Benjamin.

Yim and Benjamin have been friends both in and out of WWE for quite some time now, with the former United States Champion being there for the 33-year-old star during some very dark moments in her life.

During a recent interview with Bleav In Pro Wrestling, Yim reacted to the possibility of her and the former United States Champion teaming up in WWE one day.

"If I was ever teamed with Shelton I would ask to be released," Yim said jokingly. [11:31 - 11:40]

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Mia recently made her return to WWE, where she joined forces with another former US champ AJ Styles, as they and the rest of the group known as The OC look to take out the stable, The Judgment Day.

Shelton Benjamin on his friendship with Mia Yim

Having been in the wrestling business for more than 20 years, the 47-year-old star has seen many people come and go in WWE, one performer he formed a strong bond with is Yim.

Speaking on the Table Talk podcast, Shelton Benjamin back in 2021 spoke about his friendship with Mia Yim, as well as praising her skills as an in-ring performer.

"Mia Yim, she’s my little sister. I love her to death. We have the most unique relationship I have of any woman that I know. She’s an awesome person, she’s super talented and I still can’t wait for WWE to just unleash her and really let her go because she’s an amazing talent, she’s a hell of a talent." Shelton added, "But, she’s an awesome person, friend and she’s actually one of the people I actually talk to, obviously when we’re backstage together." (H/T Post Wrestling)

Earlier this month, Shelton Benjamin took to social media to poke fun at his close friend after she made her triumphant return on Monday Night RAW.

What are your expectations for Mia Yim after making her WWE return? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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