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WWE News: Mick Foley comments on Survivor Series, inducting Vader into the Hall of Fame

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555   //    20 Nov 2016, 13:51 IST
Foley sheds light on the build up to Survivor Series and more

WWE Raw General Manager, Mick Foley, has his hands full with Survivor Series preparations where his roster faces off against that of Smackdown. Amid the hustle and bustle, Foley managed to sit down with Mike Jones of DC 101, to discuss the PPV, Vader and more.

Foley was quick to debunk allegations about the brand rivalry portrayed on live television being fake. He insisting it is as real as Vince McMahon's mercurial persona, Foley commented:

“Survivor Series was the one big PPV that has struggled to remain relevant.

All of a sudden, this year with this format, man, the 5 on 5 matches take on an entirely new meaning." 

On mentioning the match-up between Lesnar and Goldberg, Foley brought up their first face-off which in his opinion lacked the intensity that has defined the careers of either wrestler. 

However, Mick Foley believes that the second round between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar would make up for any loose ends that the previous encounter had left, as both the participants were looking to step up their intensity in the ring this time.

Foley also chimed in on Survivor Series serving as a platform for the next breakout star, especially for the female members on the roster.

Foley admitted that the numbers game made Smackdown' women look more superior but with a stable comprising the likes of Hell in a Cell main-eventers Charlotte and Sasha Banks being on the Raw team, the women's 5-a side match was worth looking forward to. 

Mick Foley also commented on his former colleague and friend Vader's speculated induction to the Hall of Fame. Foley revealed that before Vader broke the news of his health on social media, the latter had confessed to Foley about his condition as well as his desire to be in the Hall of Fame. 

Vader has received a notice from his physicians that his current health conditions leave him with only two more years to live, On Vader’s induction to the Hall of Fame, Foley said:


“I talked to the highest people in the highest places in WWE about it”

Foley substantiated this desire of getting Vader inducted on his Facebook page as well, stating that it would mean to him more if he did not have to wait to see his friend being inducted posthumously. Here’s Foley’s post on Facebook:

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