Mick Foley urges WWE not to take the title off Roman Reigns until he faces 17-time champion in rumored match

When will Roman
When will Roman's reign end in WWE?

Mick Foley feels Roman Reigns should remain the WWE Universal Champion until he faces The Rock at WrestleMania 39.

The Rock vs. Roman Reigns is rumored to be WWE's planned main event for WrestleMania Hollywood, and Foley was eager to see the cousins finally battle it out in a first-time-ever match.

While speaking on this week's episode of Foley is Pod, the hardcore legend said that a name like Dwayne Johnson deserves to be on the WrestleMania card if he finds time in his busy schedule.

Though WWE is already astonishingly close to selling all of its WrestleMania 39 tickets, Foley was hopeful that the company would book the Rock's comeback match at the event.

"He's got to be the busiest man in show business. You've got to be grateful anytime that he can come back," said Foley. "And I think, crossing my fingers, even with WrestleMania being sold out, man, I think we would all love to see Rock and Roman." [16:14 - 16:30]

Roman Reigns recently completed two years as the Universal champion, and the milestone was another reminder of his sheer dominance as WWE's premier heel.

Despite speculation about Reigns possibly dropping his title soon, Foley did not want WWE to take the championship away from Reigns if he was in line for a showdown against The Rock.

The WWE Hall of Famer added:

"Shows they have a lot of confidence in Roman. I like the run. I would not like, just personally, if there is a chance we see Rock and Roman at WrestleMania for the title; that title has got to stay in the Bloodline." [17:40 - 18:00]

WWE has some big decisions to make regarding Roman Reigns' historic reign

Roman Reigns' next title defense will happen at Clash at the Castle, where he will face his biggest challenge to date when he squares off against Drew McIntyre.

The Tribal Chief has vanquished every title contender during his record-breaking championship reign, and he naturally heads into his next assignment as the odds-on favorite. However, legitimate rumors now suggest WWE could shockingly book the championship to change hands at the premium live event in Cardiff, Wales.

What will happen if Reigns does drop the WWE and Universal belts? You can read more on the company's reported creative plans right here.

Do you think Roman Reigns should retain his title until WrestleMania 39? Share your views in the comments section below.

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