Mike Chioda opens up about having his eyebrow shaved off in a WWE locker room prank

Mike Chioda in WWE
Mike Chioda in WWE
Modified 20 Jun 2020

Mike Chioda was recently on Chris Jericho’s Talk is Jericho podcast, where he talked about how the WWE locker room often had ribs pulled on them back in the day, and how the WWE roster was far more dangerous a place than it is today.

Mike Chioda talks about the ribs the WWE locker room used to pull

Mike Chioda was very open about how the WWE Superstars were always ready to pull ribs before and it was important to stay alert at all times.

“You had to watch yourself all the time. You had to watch yourself, your head getting shaved on the road, when you fall asleep, your eyebrows, you had to watch everything. There were so many ribs back in the day. You had to watch your gear when you went in the ring. I remember, you’d see people’s shoelaces cut, one pantleg cut off. I mean there were so many ribs going on back in the day. I loved it. I survived it.”

Mike Chioda talked about one of the ribs that was pulled on him. He was in charge of telling the technicians when to play the music of the WWE Superstars when they were making their entrances. He went to the bathroom because there was some time before the next match and he suddenly heard the music playing. He came back and was confronted by WWE officials who asked him why he had played the music so early. Mike Chioda went on to reveal that Owen Hart had pretended to be him, and had told the technician over the headset to play the music.

Mike Chioda also talked about Dave Boy Smith shaving off his eyebrow when he fell asleep on a WWE tour bus.

“He’d go up and down the tour bus and he used to wear a baseball cap and sunglasses. We were all hung over from being up till 5 or 6 in the morning. It was a six to seven hour bus ride. I remember him walking up and down, grinning, you know. I’m like, ‘God I have to watch out for him.’ I fell asleep for a while, we get to the town and Bret Hart is next to me. I’m washing my face and everything, and Bret is next to me, he is washing his face, and I look up in the mirror, and I’m like, ‘Holy s*** what happened to my eyebrow?’ So my one eyebrow is completely gone.”

Mike Chioda talked about how Bret Hart helped him to try and fix his eyebrow, while the rest of the WWE locker room laughed, including Davey Boy Smith.

“So he says, ‘Let me see if this works,’ so he tries to color it back in. He goes, ‘Haha, no that’s not going to work Coyote.’ I was like, ‘Yeah that looks stupid. What do I do now?’ He says, ‘We have to shave the other one.’ I’m like, ‘What?’ He’s like, ‘We have to shave the other one. Let me help you out.’ He gets a razor and shaves the other one. Davey Boy walks by and starts laughing.”
Published 20 Jun 2020
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