Bobby Lashley defeats The Miz on RAW to become the new WWE Champion

Bobby Lashley is the new WWE Champion.
Bobby Lashley is the new WWE Champion.
Matt Black

Well, it took all night, but viewers eventually got a finish to the WWE Championship match between The Miz and Bobby Lashley on Monday Night RAW. WWE told a story throughout all three hours of tonight's RAW that ended in Lashley becoming WWE Champion for the first time.

The Miz was initially supposed to defend his title at 9 PM EST. However, when it was his turn to make his way to the ring, he complained about stomach issues backstage. Bobby Lashley would return backstage and threaten Miz before WWE official Adam Pearce rescheduled the match for 10 PM EST.

When 10 PM arrived, The Miz came out first and once again pleaded his case to MVP and Bobby Lashley to delay the match until WrestleMania, but the request was denied by MVP. Unfortunately, as soon as the bell rang, The Miz took off, and Lashley won the match via count-out.

Backstage Shane McMahon told MVP and Bobby Lashley that there would be a WWE Championship match tonight, or he would consider stripping The Miz of the WWE title and handing it to Lashley at the end of the night.

The Miz vs. Bobby Lashley should have been the WWE RAW main event to start with

Later on in the hour, McMahon made his decision official. He sent Pearce to tell MVP and Bobby Lashley that if The Miz didn't show up for the match by the end of the evening, he would be stripped of the title.

The Miz arrived in Shane McMahon's office and whined about having to defend the title again. Asked what type of match it would be, McMahon said he hadn't decided yet.

Before the match began, McMahon announced that the WWE Championship match was, in fact, a Lumberjack match. Miz tried to hit Lashley with the title to get himself disqualified, but the challenger caught it.

The match was short and sweet and ended with Lashley tapping The Miz out with The Hurt Lock to become the new WWE Champion.

How do you feel about how the WWE handled the storyline between The Miz and Bobby Lashley tonight? Did the bait annoy you? Or did the payoff make it all worthwhile? Let us know by sounding off in the comments section below.

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