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WWE News: Molly Holly reveals the extent she went, to be on the Wrestlemania XX card

She literally put her hair on the line to make it to the card!

Molly Holly
Molly Holly in her then role Mighty Molly

Being on the card for WrestleMania is a dream for almost every professional wrestler in the world. Considering that WrestleMania is hands down the biggest stage for any professional wrestler, it comes as no surprise. But the extent to which WWE Superstars could go to, in order to be on the card, is truly astonishing.

Former WWE Women’s Champion Molly Holly revealed that she had to put her hair on the line for her to be on the card of WrestleMania XX.

In a video released by WWE.com, she reveals to former WWE Women’s Champions Madusa and Ivory that she was the one who suggested the idea of a Hair vs Title match, to get on the WrestleMania XX card:

Molly Holly, who was embroiled in a feud for the WWE Women’s championship at the time, spoke about how WWE only wanted to have Pillow fight between the women wrestlers for Wrestlemania. Molly’s eagerness to be the card had resulted in her suggesting the idea of the Hair vs. Title match. 

Victoria and Molly Holly were feuding for the Women’s Championship at the time and this match was meant to cap off their ongoing rivalry. The fallout of the match was Victoria defeating Molly and retaining her Women’s Championship. 

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Victory then attacked Molly who was trying to escape the stipulation and knocked her out before shaving her head. Molly Holly spent the next half year trying to hide her shaved head with loose fitting wigs before finally parting from the company a year later in 2005. 

Here’s a video of the aftermatch of the match:

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