"More like sh*t. Who wants to see that?" - Former WWE star rubbishes Hulk Hogan's claim for a WrestleMania return match against 53-year-old legend

Hulk Hogan is a WWE Legend and Hall of Famer
Hulk Hogan is a WWE Legend and Hall of Famer

Former WWE manager Dutch Mantell feels no one wants to see Hulk Hogan get back into the ring for one last match.

In a recent interview with Ariel Helwani, The Hulkster spoke about a recent conversation he had with Shane McMahon about having another match. Hogan mentioned that while his back was still not a hundred percent, he would be open to discussing a possible match ahead of WrestleMania next year.

This week on Story Time with Dutch Mantell, the wrestling veteran ridiculed Hogan's account, stating that nobody is interested in seeing that match. He claimed that both stars were well beyond their prime and would only end up hurting themselves if they got into the ring.

"More like sh*t. Who wants to see that? Nobody." Mantell continued, "You know, the sun sets on everybody. It did set on Hulk Hogan and it damn sure set on Shane McMahon, even if he had a sunrise. The sun is still gonna set on him. But nobody wants to see it." [From 29:30 to 30:37]

You can watch the full video here:


Mantell believes Hogan and Shane are trying to get a WWE payday

During the same conversation, Mantell claimed that Hulk Hogan and Shane McMahon were trying to create an angle for the big WrestleMania payoff next year.

He explained that the money was a good motivator for them to return to the ring, but there was definitely no fan interest in the bout.

"What they're trying to do is they're trying to angle their way into a spot on WrestleMania so they can get this big payoff. I don't know what the payoff would be. It'd probably be a million dollars, million and a half maybe. That is worth advocating for a spot on the card, yes. But as far as fan interest, other than who hurts themselves first, who cares? I don't even know what angle they could do to set it up." [From 30:38 to 31:10]

Hogan has not competed inside a WWE ring since 2006. Moreover, the last time Shane wrestled at WrestleMania 39, he tore his quad and had to abandon the match. Given these circumstances, it is uncertain that either man will walk inside the squared circle once again.

Would you like to see the Hulkster and Shane McMahon go at it in WWE? Sound off in the comments section below.

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