Multi-time WWE champion talks about The Bloodline's impact on professional wrestling

The Bloodline before WrestleMania XL!
The Bloodline before WrestleMania XL.

WWE struck gold with The Bloodline after Roman Reigns returned to the promotion. Recently, 10-time WWE Tag Team Champion and former Bloodline member Jey Uso spoke about the Samoan stable and its impact on professional wrestling.

The Anao'i Family has been in the business for generations, and several stars from the family have made it in professional wrestling. The family's impact goes beyond WWE, as several members have started their journey on the independent circuit before heading to bigger promotions.

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, the host asked Jey Uso how he felt when he saw The Rock unveil The Bloodline family tree at WrestleMania Kickoff. Moreover, he asked the star about his family's impact on the realm of professional wrestling. Jey said:

"I'm a fan of my own family. Like you said, seeing it on paper, it hits different. It's crazy to me that I'm a part of this dynasty, and I would like to think, there are so many great, you know, Cody's family, The Harts, there's so many great families. I really believe in my heart, uce. 100% we are the first family of professional wrestling," said Uso [From 08:30 to 09:05]

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Jey Uso broke silence after losing to Gunther on WWE RAW

Main Event Jey evolved as a character after a feud with Roman Reigns during the Pandemic Era. The star spent months as a singles wrestler before reuniting with his brother and breaking records as a tag team in WWE.

However, the reign ended, and The Usos started to question Roman Reigns' intentions when The Tribal Chief disrespected his cousins on countless occasions.

In the end, Jimmy Uso turned on his brother, which led to Jey leaving SmackDown and the company for a while. Upon his return, the star became Main Event Jey on Monday Night RAW.

Recently, Jey suffered a devastating loss to Gunther in the King of the Ring tournament's semi-finals on WWE RAW. Uso later broke his silence and spoke about the loss and his current run on Instagram.

"With me, or nah.. I stick to my journey.. Let’s go. 🩵"

It will be interesting to see what the star does next on the red brand in the coming weeks.

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