Murphy reveals the Mysterios' and Seth Rollins' reaction to his romantic angle with Aalyah Mysterio

Murphy and Aalyah Mysterio
Murphy and Aalyah Mysterio

Before his release from WWE, Murphy was involved in a romantic storyline with Aalyah Mysterio. When Seth Rollins turned on Murphy, his former Disciple found solace in Aalyah and started getting closer to her. On an episode of WWE SmackDown, Murphy and Aalyah Mysterio shared a kiss that shocked WWE fans across the world.

Murphy was recently interviewed by Chris Van Vilet. On the show, the former Crusierweight Champion spoke about his release, his new physique and his main roster call-up from 205 Live.

Murphy also spoke about the romantic angle between him and Aalyah Mysterio, and he recalled how he was initially uncomfortable with it. He also noted how he rejected the idea at first, but he went through with it because he wanted to do his job.

Murphy then shared how the Mysterios and Rollins felt about it; he pointed out how Rey, Aalyah's father, was okay with the kiss, but Rollins was worried about it.

"[I asked,] 'What does she [Aalyah] think about it?'" said Murphy. "They go, 'She’s cool with it.’ I’m like ‘What!’ They went to her first, I thought she was going to shoot it down. So then I go ‘What about Rey?’"
"They say ‘They’re okay with it,'" Murphy continued. "I’m like well, if they are okay with it, I can’t be the one that goes whatever. Seth was nervous about it, because this whole storyline rides on this one kiss. I’m uncomfortable, and she’s new."

Murphy also talked about his jacked-up physique

Murphy in WWE
Murphy in WWE

A few weeks ago, Murphy posted a photo of himself in the gym, showing his fans a new, muscular version of himself. On the show, Murphy commented on his appearance, saying that he had been working out a lot because he didn't know when he would be called to perform on WWE SmackDown.

Murphy stated that he spent more time in the gym and took wrestling lessons so that if his name had been called, he would be ready to go out there and perform.

Unfortunately for Murphy, he was released before he got the chance to perform again. Now, he'll hope to prove himself elsewhere.

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