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Mustafa Ali opens up on his honest feelings about WWE's booking of RETRIBUTION

Mustafa Ali has not ever received the best push on the WWE main roster
Mustafa Ali has not ever received the best push on the WWE main roster
Modified 29 Oct 2020, 17:55 IST

Mustafa Ali has often been seen as one of the most promising WWE Superstars that the company is not booking properly. As the leader of The RETRIBUTION, Mustafa Ali has once again suffered from extremely poor booking and appeared to be the one who has suffered in WWE due to the multiple losses RETRIBUTION and Ali have suffered.

When a fan asked him about his thoughts regarding the booking, Mustafa Ali did not hold anything back and let the fan know what he thought of his WWE booking. Ali was sarcastic in his answer and made his real feeling evident through the Tweet.

"No, I love it. Yelling at performers about a show they don’t write makes me smile."

Ali has been frustrated in WWE for a long time, and although at first it appeared that his pairing with RETRIBUTION would finally give the Superstar a chance to shine, such has not been the case. Instead, Ali has suffered loss after loss and potentially been harmed the most, more than any other member of the faction, as a result of the losses.

Mustafa Ali's unfortunate run in WWE

Mustafa Ali appeared to be one of the most promising Superstar in WWE in early 2019. However, at some point, he was unable to keep his momentum going and was pushed back from the forefront of WWE's creative booking. Following that, Ali also suffered an injury, that kept him out of action for a large part of 2020.

At home, Mustafa Ali trained his body and was able to regain fitness, but was still not booked by WWE. Ali returned to team up with Cedric Alexander and Ricochet to face The Hurt Business on RAW, but it was a temporary boost that he got. He was pushed back to the WWE Main Event show, and periodically appeared on WWE RAW.

Finally, when the revelation came that Mustafa Ali had been the leader of RETRIBUTION, it shocked everyone, but gave them hope at the same time, for the future of Ali. Unfortunately, despite being part of such a dominant faction, RETRIBUTION has lost match after match to The Hurt Business.


It is also debatable that Mustafa Ali's character is the one that has been harmed the most as a result of this, as while the others are masked and portraying different characters. Mustafa Ali has been portrayed in his usual WWE gimmick.

Published 29 Oct 2020, 17:55 IST
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