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Mustafa Ali shoots on RETRIBUTION names; calls those mocking it "puppets"

Mustafa Ali and RETRIBUTION
Mustafa Ali and RETRIBUTION
Nishant J
Modified 05 Nov 2020, 22:14 IST

WWE's newest faction RETRIBUTION have blown hot and cold since being introduced to the WWE Universe earlier this year. The masked Superstars got a leader in Mustafa Ali recently, and they seem to have a direction now in the company.

Ali was a guest on Corey Graves' After The Bell podcast, where he spoke about how the members of RETRIBUTION have had opportunities taken away from them in WWE over the last few years.

Mustafi Ali on RETRIBUTION names

He said that he "felt overlooked" and that the "company looks at profit over people". He said that his name and how he looks had defined him for a long time.

Ali said that those mocking RETRIBUTION's names and gimmicks are "puppets" and that people can't see the art in it:

"I know people love to poke fun at 'Slapjack' and the stupid mask. There's so much art in this story that I knew that a lot of it was going to go over people's heads. Imagine - this is just a crazy concept - imagine having people make preconceived ideas about you because of your name and what you look like. Imagine a guy named Mustafa Ali renaming people so that they could understand what it feels like to be judged by your name and what you look like. Continue to make fun of us like puppets because you guys don't appreciate real art. 'What a stupid name, he looks like an idiot', yeah, that's what I've been dealing with for 17 years. Art - ladies and gentleman, but you couldn't see it if it slapped you in your face."

Ali said that they need to be given time to tell the RETRIBUTION story and that he will not drop the ball with the story. He said that every person of RETRIBUTION has been wronged in the past and that they are going to be the "judge, jury and executioner" on WWE RAW.

The faction debuted on WWE television in August and have feuded with The Hurt Business. Mustafa Ali announced himself as the leader of the group last month on RAW.

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Published 05 Nov 2020, 22:14 IST
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