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MVP praised Paul Heyman for his diverse use of the WWE RAW roster

MVP with Bobby Lashley
MVP with Bobby Lashley
Modified 01 Aug 2020, 17:53 IST

MVP returned to WWE at the 2020 WWE Royal Rumble event. While originally, the plan was not for a long term run in WWE, things changed and now MVP has become an extremely vital part of the WWE RAW roster. Towards the beginning of his run for the company, MVP worked with Paul Heyman, who was the RAW Executive Director. A few ago, however, the situation changed with Paul Heyman removed from the role, and Bruce Prichard taking up the mantle as the joint head of creative for both RAW and SmackDown.

During his appearance on Say Less with Kaz & Lowkey (h/t Wrestling Inc), MVP looked back on the manner in which Paul Heyman worked on WWE RAW and the diverse talent that he used from the roster.

MVP on Paul Heyman using diverse talent on WWE RAW

MVP talked about Paul Heyman and indicated that Paul Heyman used diverse talent when he was in charge of RAW. The Superstar said that there were often a lot of things going on in meetings when booking segments for WWE shows. MVP also mentioned that he knew that there was a dearth of African American Champions, but while he had not been involved in the meetings which talked about giving all talents more titles.

"Careful consideration was given to lots of things like that. You know there'd be about 'we want to do this segment, how is that going to look if we did that with this guy and this girl?,' whatever the case may be. So, I'm glad to say there is consideration given to those things. Those issues. As far as those uncomfortable conversations leading to more championships, I can't say because I haven't been in those conversations personally, but I do know this."
"What I could say is before Paul Heyman's departure, I know he had a direct hand and a lot of that at least as far as RAW goes. To Heyman's credit, let me say this, because you know like I know there are people going on, I hear some of the social media chatter about, uplifting black talent in wrestling and you have some people that say 'Oh they don't do anything with black talent' and then certain black talent will win a championship and then those same people go, 'Oh you're just giving them that because of whatever' but dude how do you want it man?! You want black champions and black talent uplifted but then when they do, your response is, 'Oh well you're just doing that because of blah blah blah.' I don't give a f--k why they're doing it, they're doing it."
Published 01 Aug 2020, 17:53 IST
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