"My days of working for anybody would be over" - 62-year-old says CM Punk should not return to WWE (Exclusive)

CM Punk is rumored to show up at Survivor Series 2023.
CM Punk is rumored to show up at Survivor Series 2023.

Vince Russo believes CM Punk had created such a big brand for himself that it would make little sense for him to return to WWE or any other company.

Punk is one of the biggest free agents in the wrestling business today. Ever since he was fired from AEW early last month, fans have been wondering if this would open doors for him to return to the global juggernaut. Many have pointed out that Survivor Series 2023 could be the ideal place for CM Punk to return as the Premium Live Event goes down in his hometown of Chicago.

On Sportskeeda's Writing with Russo, the former WWE writer mentioned that since Punk had built such a massive brand for himself, he should start his own promotion rather than join another company.

Vince Russo added that if he were in CM Punk's place, he wouldn't even think of working for someone else ever again.

"I gotta tell you. Here's the thing, man. If I'm CM Punk, I have created a great brand for myself. The controversy has created a great brand for CM Punk. If I'm Punk, I would be done hitching my wagons to anybody. Take that brand and do your own thing. Right after this, we got a show with EC3. If EC3 can start his own wrestling promotion with a fraction of the money Punk has, if I was Punk, my days of working for anybody would be over. The only person I'm working from here on, is me," said Vince Russo. [7:04 - 8:00]

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Dutch Mantell on CM Punk's possible WWE return

On a recent episode of Sportskeeda's Smack Talk, Dutch Mantell stated that Punk may not have a spot in WWE today due to the company's stacked and deep roster.

However, Mantell thinks the promotion could acquire CM Punk's services for a short period of time to spice up things if it became a little stale.

"Well, I predicted he would [show up], with the way that things were going. But if you really look at the landscape of WWE, what are you gonna do with him right off the bat? It's a packed, packed roster. You're gonna have to move somebody over. There's a lot of guys I don't think he just fits with. So, I think with Punk at this point, if a spell comes where WWE gets a bit stale, they may hop over there and grab Punk for a year run. I think he's 47 now, and WWE looks at age, as everybody," said Mantell.

Considering Punk has never wrestled plenty of names on WWE's roster, it's safe to say he could have a series of dream matches if he were to sign with the promotion.

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