Natalya seen training with an international star amidst possibility of a WWE exit

For over a decade, Natalya has been a regular fixture in WWE
For over a decade, Natalya has been a regular fixture in WWE's women's division (Pic credit: Instagram)

It has been reported that Natalya's WWE contract will soon end, and during an important career phase, the respected star continues to train with the best in the world. Natalya recently posted a video training with Miyu Yamashita.

Natalya's dungeon in Florida has become a popular destination for talents who also aren't from WWE. Given her experience and exceptional in-ring skills, Natalya is considered a great coach who regularly trains wrestlers when she isn't on TV.

Natalya often posts clips from Dungeon 2.0, which she describes as her "passion project." During one of her recent in-ring sessions, the former SmackDown Women's Champion was seen grappling with Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling's Miyu Yamashita.

A lifelong student of the game, Natalya visibly enjoyed sharing the ring with one of the best Joshi wrestlers in the world. The superstar posted a heartfelt message in which she admitted to being blown away by Miyu's passion for professional wrestling and its technical intricacies:

"Love training with you @miyu_tjp ! I love your passion for the ring. Thank you for always bringing your best to The Dungeon. Never getting ready, always staying ready because I want it all."

The latest on Natalya's WWE status

Natalya Neidhart has astonishingly been in World Wrestling Entertainment since 2007 and has helped influence the changes in modern-day women's wrestling.

The three-time champion has put together a great career and even at 42 years old, is one of the most dependable workers in the ring. Rumors of her contract expiring soon first emerged last week, with no movements being reported from either side in the following days.

Dave Meltzer provided an update yesterday and claimed that Natalya had yet to sign a new deal as things stand.

She is a seasoned veteran who always brings value to WWE in more ways than one. However, it seems like Natalya might be keeping her options open at the moment.