Nick Aldis provides a huge update on NWA possibly working with other promotions

Cody offering a handshake to Nick Aldis
Cody offering a handshake to Nick Aldis
Soumik Datta

The current NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, Nick Aldis has set the benchmark for the promotion, leading it from the front and carrying one of the most prestigious world titles in professional wrestling history with pride. With NWA striving to get better with time, especially during the ongoing pandemic, there is a possibility that the promotion could work with other companies in the future.

While speaking with Michael Morales Torres from Lucha Libre Online in a recent interview, Nick Aldis discussed the possibility of NWA forming a partnership with other promotions and co-operating with notable companies.


Nick Aldis briefly speaks on NWA forming a working relationship with other promotions

In the past, NWA has worked with the American pro wrestling company, Ring of Honor. With a talent exchange in place between the two promotions, fans had the pleasure of witnessing a few mouthwatering crossovers, most notably Aldis vs. Marty Scurll.

During his conversation with Lucha Libre Online, Nick Aldis teased the possibility of NWA working with other promotions. Michael also asked him if there would be a potential crossover between NWA and NJPW, IMPACT Wrestling, or ROH.

“I think that there are several possibilities on the horizon for cooperation between the NWA and other promotions. I think that we've proven ourselves to be able to establish talent in a way that they haven't been able to be established before. I think that's been evidenced by the fact that several of the guys after getting exposure on NWA Power, were suddenly saw after you know and offered contracts with larger promotions and I think that speaks to the quality of our output; but it also speaks to the loyalty of our fanbase. I think what perhaps other promotions are starting to realize now is that while the NWA certainly doesn't have the largest audience, It has a unique audience. Meaning that there are people who only watch the NWA."

Nick Aldis further pointed out that whenever NWA decides to send their talent to other promotions, the other promotion usually benefits courtesy of NWA's existing fanbase. The reigning world champion provided the example of ROH. He even claimed that several Ring of Honor talent even requested to work under NWA during their working relationship.

"So then if NWA talent transfer over to other places and we work with other promotions, those promotions get a boost from our existing NWA fan base and Ring of Honor, you know, Ring of Honor benefited from that tremendously. They got the real World Champion for all those shows and they got a number of top talent and there were a number of Ring of Honor talent who were requesting to come. You know, who were asking if they could come to work NWA Power. They wanted to be seen on that stage. They wanted to be presented on that platform, you know, because we focus on different areas. We focus primarily on interviews and promos, you know. We do it in a way that really showcases and highlights the talents individual abilities rather than production value or putting all the emphasis on a match or high spots. We make we make it about the personalities. So that's attractive to a lot of guys. So I think that as we move forward, the wrestling industry as a whole, is going to demand more cooperation between promotions because they're going to want to see dream matches. I've defended the title in Ring of Honor, you know, several times. I've defended the title in many other promotions and I'm willing to do so, you know, any given time. We've always said from the beginning we're open for business with anybody and I think that as we move forward and the audience demand grows greater for fresh matchups and fresh rivalries, you're going to see more cooperation with the NWA another major promotions. Yeah”.

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