"No more laughing!"- Vince McMahon threatened former WWE champions with $2000 fines during pre-tapes 

Vince McMahon.
Vince McMahon threatened former WWE champions with $2000 fines during
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Vince McMahon is a perfectionist, but that's not always the best thing for superstars working closely with the boss.

During the latest episode of The Kurt Angle Show, the Olympic gold medalist recalled taping the memorable cowboy hat segment from the July 5th, 2001 episode of SmackDown.

Steve Austin gifted Vince McMahon and Kurt Angle cowboy hats, and the hilarious segment is best remembered for the Olympic hero's irreplicable goofiness. It's a genuinely iconic segment that will still crack you up!

Kurt Angle revealed that Vince McMahon was legitimately annoyed with them while shooting the segment as the superstars involved couldn't keep a straight face throughout.

We got really serious about the pre-tape: Kurt Angle on how Vince McMahon's threats worked


The stars broke out in laughter on several instances during the tapings, and Vince McMahon had no intention of being around for the entire night. McMahon told Austin and Angle that they would be fined $2000 for each failed take and the boss' threat eventually did the trick.

The former WWE champions got a bit more serious and completed the segment without laughing anymore. Kurt Angle added that Vince McMahon was serious about issuing fines as he wanted to wrap things up without any unwanted delays:

"And I was doing the same with him. There were a lot of instances where, you know, we had to break the pre-tape and do it over again because we were laughing so hard. Vince was getting pissed off. Vince decided, 'Listen, if you guys continue to laugh during the pre-tapes, before I yell cut, I'm going to fine you $2000 for each one. So, we got really serious about the pre-tape even though they were supposed to be funny. We had to, you know, be more serious about what we needed to do and what we needed to accomplish. We decided we weren't going to laugh anymore, and we were able to get the pre-tapes done a lot quicker then," Angle said.

We don't blame the superstars for being unable to control their laughter during the tapings, as the segment in question is still considered one of the funniest moments in Kurt Angle's career. It's sometimes astonishing when you look back at Kurt Angle's character evolution from being a goofy heel to becoming WWE's Wrestling Machine!

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