"Nobody was harder to deal with"- Jim Ross had a tough time working with former WWE Champion

Jim Ross spoke honestly about The Ultimate Warrior on his podcast
Jim Ross spoke honestly about The Ultimate Warrior on his podcast
Modified 19 Mar 2021

Jim Ross answered many questions on the most recent edition of 'Ask JR Anything' on JR is one of the most influential figures in professional wrestling history as the former WWE announcer has worked closely with many iconic legends.

There was a time when Jim Ross was the Head of Talent Relations in WWE, and he was also responsible for many vital signings. However, who was the most frustrating person that JR had worked with in his illustrious career?

Jim Ross was posed the question by a listener, and the AEW announcer didn't hesitate to name The Ultimate Warrior.

"Yeah, (Ultimate) Warrior. It's just funny how these questions go down that road. Who is the absolute worst human being you have ever worked with? Okay, Rodney, why do you need to know that? Why is that important? Is that just the world we live in? And is it more provocative? Compelling? JR said this!"

Jim Ross on what happened when The Ultimate Warrior was in the building

Jim Ross said that it was tough for him to deal with The Ultimate Warrior and the veteran commentator even explained why it was a challenging experience. JR stated that a Superstar couldn't be the top guy or make the most money all the time in WWE.

"Look, nobody was harder to deal with than the Ultimate Warrior in my world. There were always guys in casting or booking, and in a very subjective world, everybody can't be the cowboy. Everybody can't be above the title. Everybody can't be the hero, and everybody can't make the most money. And that's what it's all about," said Jim Ross.

The late great Ultimate Warrior had a controversial backstage reputation, and JR's latest statements validate many long-running rumors about the former WWF/E Champion.

Jim Ross even said that the atmosphere generally got pretty negative whenever the Ultimate Warrior was present at an event.

"Warrior was the toughest one, without a doubt—quick and easy answer. I can think of guys in my head. I can see pictures now of guys in my head. Well, it might have been a bad day, or this is, you know, whatever, but overall, you knew that anytime the Warrior was going to be in the building, be prepared for anything negative because generally, that's what you got," said Jim Ross

What are your opinions about The Ultimate Warrior as a person and performer? Let us know in the comments section.

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Published 19 Mar 2021
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