"Now I'm on bonus time" - Xavier Woods reveals how he would react if WWE fired him (Exclusive)

Xavier Woods is currently enjoying a fantastic solo run on SmackDown.
Xavier Woods is currently enjoying a fantastic solo run on SmackDown.

Sportskeeda Wrestling's SP3 caught up with Xavier Woods ahead of a massive Survivor Series event. The King of the Ring winner spoke about his accomplishments in wrestling and revealed why he wouldn't be saddened if he got released from WWE in the near future.

Xavier Woods has put in the same effort in all his projects and is satisfied with what he'd done in the wrestling realm. The New Day member grew up a fan of tag team wrestling and the King of the Ring tournament, and he received opportunities to fulfill both his life-long goals.

Woods said he would politely thank WWE officials if he got fired and move on to the next phase of his career.

"I feel they are all kind of connected because I feel like I'm essentially trying to do the same thing everywhere. I'm just trying to be the best version of myself in that space, I guess, is the best way to put it. So, as far as wrestling with New Day, we've been able to accomplish so many things as a tag team, and that's been my focus as a kid. I love tag team wrestling, and I love King of the Ring. So, as far as wrestling goals, now I'm on bonus time. If they would have been like, 'Hey, you won King of the Ring,' and they came back and hit me with the 'You're fired,' I would have been like, 'Okay, deuces, it has been a fun ride,'" Xavier Woods stated.

"I'm making an attempt to make something better" - Xavier Woods wants to be creative in WWE

The 11-time tag WWE tag team champion's primary objective is to be creative in whatever he pursues, and he is trying to follow the same approach with his ongoing solo run. Xavier Woods continued:

"So, I feel like if you prefer to take the same thing over and over again, we're not artists anymore. We're just rehashing things, and that's fine. I'm not knocking that vibe, but for me, my brain feels at homeostasis; I guess I feel even, not off-kilter when I'm creating something."

Xavier Woods said that while not all his ideas might hit the mark, the attempt counts, and eventually, talents will reap the benefits of trying something different.

The SmackDown star wants fans to have a unique experience every time they tune in to watch him perform, and he even provided a few examples to explain his vision.

"So, with all of this stuff, the solo run I'm having right now, I'm getting to do my best to create things every week. And they might not work at all. It might be the worst thing you've ever seen in your life, but I'm making an attempt to make something better, and I feel like I can give you the same meal, I can give you the same lunch every day. We can eat pizza with the square pepperonis, it's going to be good for a few weeks, and then we're going to want something else. So I'm going to attempt to bring something different to the table every time they see me, and we'll see if it works," Xavier Woods added.

Xavier Woods spoke about several other topics during the Sportskeeda exclusive, including his dream WrestleMania opponent, who he thinks is Mr. Survivor Series, and a lot more. You can check out the full interview in the YouTube video above.

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