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"Now he's a wimp" - Vince Russo crtiticizes how Sheamus was booked on WWE RAW [Exclusive]

AJ Styles destroyed Sheamus on RAW last night
AJ Styles destroyed Sheamus on RAW last night
Modified 16 Dec 2020

AJ Styles faced Sheamus in singles action on RAW. Styles won the match and then attacked Sheamus again after the bell. At one point, Styles had Sheamus upside down and tied up in the ropes. He then brutally assaulted Sheamus with a chair. Later in the show, he didn't save Drew McIntyre from a beatdown at the hands of Styles, The Miz and John Morrison.

It's fair to say that the "The Celtic Warrior" didn't look very strong on this week's show.

Vince Russo says Sheamus looked like a "wimp" on RAW this week because of how he was booked

during his appearance on SK Wrestling's Legion of RAW, Vince Russo discussed an issue he had with Sheamus' booking last night Russo described why he thinks Sheamus not coming out at the end of the show was a mistake:

We end last week with the accidental Sheamus kick on Drew, and then we brawl. So now, at the beginning of this segment, you have these three guys getting heat on Sheamus. Drew doesn't come out because he's still p**sed at Sheamus from last week. I get that. Okay. So far so good. But Sheamus is tied up by the feet, taking chair shots from AJ Styles. Now we get to the end of the show. We've got AJ, Miz and Morrison getting heat on Drew. Now bro, you'd think from a psychological point of view, if Sheamus sees AJ, he should see red from what happened in that first segment. He should be seeing red.
AJ Styles on WWE RAW
AJ Styles on WWE RAW

Vince Russo then gave an insight into how he would have booked the end of RAW. Russo said that he'd have Sheamus come out and attack Styles as revenge for what happened earlier on in the night. In Russo's line of reasoning, WWE could have used this development to escalate his storyline with Drew McIntyre:

So that way to go was, Drew's getting the s**t kicked out of him, here comes Sheamus, not because he wants to help Drew so to speak, but because of what happened in that first segment. Okay? And then bro, out of that, you have another miscalculation that escalates the story.

Vince Russo also said that the segment made Sheamus look like a "wimp":

Bro, Sheamus not showing up at the end, now he's a wimp. Now your big babyface is a wimp. That was at the very beginning of the show, this is at the very end, so he had almost three hours to recuperate. Where is Sheamus?

McIntyre is set to defend the WWE Championship against Styles at WWE TLC.

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Published 16 Dec 2020, 00:05 IST
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