Pat McAfee addresses his relationship with former Money in the Bank winner

Pat McAfee has been a breath of fresh air on SmackDown
Pat McAfee has been a breath of fresh air on SmackDown

Pat McAfee has been one of the many reasons why the WWE Universe tunes into SmackDown every Friday night. His ability on the mic is topped by very few in WWE and he is always fun to watch, especially when he is at the announce desk alongside Michael Cole.

That being said, Pat McAfee has been under fire recently from one particular WWE Superstar, former Money in the Bank winner King Corbin. The two men, who go way back to their days in the NFL, are good friends.

However, McAfee's recent excitement surrounding the partnership between Rick Boogs and Shinsuke Nakamura has put their friendship under much strain.

King Corbin is under the impression that Pat McAfee has betrayed him. McAfee recently addressed it on Talking Smack, explaining that he had no option but to jump ship.

"Well you know, me and King Corbin go back a long way...well now he is just a basic-a** Baron I guess. Me and Baron Corbin go back to his peasant days, long before any of these royal conversations and as soon as Boogs and Shinsuke teamed up, it was just too much magic and majesty. You know I couldn't remain Royal to the Baron, the King Corbin. I had to jump shipment." said McAfee

It will be interesting to see how things progress on SmackDown, especially since it looks like a potential feud is in the making between Pat McAfee and King Corbin.

King Corbin isn't the only WWE Superstar who has a problem with Pat McAfee

King Corbin isn't the only WWE Superstar who is unhappy with Pat McAfee. The former Indianapolis Colts punter also has an enemy in Adam Cole, who he has faced on multiple occasions over on NXT.

Recently, Adam Cole hinted at the possibility of switching brands and making the move up to the main roster, specifically SmackDown.

Adam Cole suggested that he still has a score to settle with Pat McAfee and eventually plans to do so once he makes his main roster debut. However, he has claimed that he will make the move on his own terms.

What do you make of commentators feuding with wrestlers? Which feud would you like to see - Pat McAfee vs Adam Cole or Pat McAfee vs King Corbin? Let us know in the comments section below!

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