SmackDown Superstar calls out Pat McAfee; Threatens to put him through a table for his actions on SmackDown

Pat McAfee will have to watch his back
Pat McAfee will have to watch his back
Nithin Joseph

Pat McAfee is one of the best things to have happened to SmackDown and WWE's announcing team in recent memory. The former NFL punter has been one of the most exciting announcers to watch cover a show in quite a while.

His excitement, expression and overall interest in the sport of pro-wrestling makes him all the more fun to listen to. However, there is one WWE Superstar who has not been happy with Pat McAfee's performance so far.

King Corbin recently appeared on WWE's The Bump, where he condemned Pat McAfee's actions during his recent matches.

McAfee has been air-guitaring and air-drumming every time Rick Boogs comes out and performs Shinsuke Nakamura's theme song. This has left a bad taste in King Corbin's mouth, who considers Pat McAfee a friend.

Corbin has warned McAfee, stating that there will be a price to pay if he continues to show support for Rick Boogs:

"Look..Pat and I were friends for a long time, and he crossed the line with this nonsense of air-guitarring and air-drumming and enjoying every bit of this. I thought we were friends. We all see this situation, and now Pat, it feels like he's betrayed me, he's jumped sides and he picked Rick Boogs over myself with our long history. So if it continues he will pay the price, we know that he's out there a lil bit and he's having fun, but you cannot let a simple 30 second guitar solo by Rick Boogs end our friendship, but if need be I will put him through that table may be. Something that will make him pay the price," said King Corbin.

It would be interesting to see Pat McAfee make his return to the ring against King Corbin. It could make for an intriguing feud, especially considering that both men have a background in the NFL.

Pat McAfee has received heaps of praise for his performances on SmackDown

Despite King Corbin's anger towards Pat McAfee, many WWE Superstars and former superstars alike have been heaping praise on his performances. He has brought a new feel to SmackDown with his mic skills.

Paul Heyman even likened McAfee's skills to that of Roddy Piper and Jesse Ventura on an episode of Talking Smack:

"What I’ve liked about what Pat McAfee has done is that he hasn’t tried to conform into the role of being the stereotypical color commentator, dating back to the days of when Roddy Piper was doing it in Georgia or when Jesse Ventura was doing it with WWE," said Paul Heyman.

What are your thoughts on Pat McAfee's work on SmackDown so far? Let us know in the comments section below.

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