Former Intercontinental Champion passionately praises Pat McAfee's performances in NXT

Pat McAfee had some amazing matches on NXT
Pat McAfee had some amazing matches on NXT

Pat McAfee is one of the most successful individuals in the sports industry. A former NFL punter turned talk-show host now finds himself behind the announce desk on SmackDown. It is safe to say he has dominated whatever role he has been given.

The same can be said for his brief stint as a professional wrestler over on NXT. During his time there, McAfee was involved in a high-profile feud with Adam Cole. He had two matches, both of which were showstoppers.

However, the matches didn't end well for Pat McAfee, as he lost both to Cole at NXT TakeOver XXX and WarGames last year.

Despite losing the match, Pat McAfee gained a lot of praise for his performances. Many were surprised by his natural athleticism and ability. In fact, former Intercontinental Champion Big E passionately praised McAfee on Talking Smack.

"I saw you doing your thing, you blew people's minds. They thought he was a goofball...he can't do nothing. He was a kicker in the NFL (Pat McAfee corrects him)..punter..punter..I'm sorry, but the ball was kicked, that was my point, you kicked the ball. They said that's all he can do...he ain't no athlete, all he does is run his little mouth, but you showed them! You showed them what kind of specimen you are...what kind of athlete you are! You blew minds! Minds were blown and I got hyped! I was sitting at home watching and I said, "The boy got it!" Kayla and I didn't know he had it, and I was moved and I was inspired." said Big E

It would be great to see Pat McAfee enter the ring again. Perhaps we will see him don his ring gear once again on SmackDown.

Pat McAfee may have a match on his hands soon against King Corbin

The WWE Universe is waiting to see Pat McAfee make a return to the squared-circle. His performance against Adam Cole was so mesmerizing that fans are dying to see more of it.

They may not have to wait long, as one WWE Superstar isn't too happy with Pat McAfee's actions on SmackDown. King Corbin, a long-time friend of Pat McAfee, believes he has been betrayed by the former NFL punter.

McAfee has been showing his support for Corbin's rivals Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs lately, leading to the King feeling betrayed. It has gone so far, that Corbin has threatened to put Pat through a table.

What do you make of Big E's comments about McAfee? Would you like to see a match between King Corbin and Pat McAfee? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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