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WWE News: Paul Heyman hits back at former ECW star CW Anderson on Twitter

Paul Heyman retaliates at CW Anderson's comments about Heyman not helping a dying ECW stay in business.

News 27 Feb 2017, 11:27 IST
The Advocate was none too pleased

What’s the story? 

Paul Heyman has fired back on Twitter at C.W. Anderson for the comments that the latter had made on the Two Man Power Trip podcast.

In case you didn’t know...

C.W. Anderson worked for ECW from the middle of 1999 all the way through to their closing in 2001. He was best known for a slight resemblance to Arn Anderson, as well as mimicking his throat-slash taunt and some of the moves that Arn Anderson had used.  

On the podcast, Anderson stated Heyman was not around much during the dying days of ECW, leaving Tommy Dreamer to run operations for the fledgeling promotion.

He also claimed that Heyman was filming for the movie “Rollerball” while ECW was headed towards the end and that he made a total of $75 per night wrestling for ECW, often losing money to work for the company.

The heart of the matter

Paul Heyman was very upset by the comments that Anderson had made, and he took to Twitter in order to vent his frustrations. Here’s the statement Heyman made (a combination of several tweets of his):

“I saw an interview in which #CWAnderson claims I was in LA shooting #Rollerball instead of trying to save #ECW back in 2000.  

It’s absurd  that people have done nothing to talk about in 17 years so they are constrained to address their heartbreak about 2000/01. Of course, that makes me an even bigger schmuck to feel compelled to ANSWER these moronic comments, but the food is cooking, so...”

Heyman would go on to say that Rollerball was never filmed in LA, but was instead filmed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and Yonkers, New York. He stated that his scenes were shot in June and July of 2001, long after ECW had gone out of business, and that he was actually booked for the movie through the WWE.  

He felt that the insinuation that he was shooting a movie in LA instead of attempting to save the product of his life’s work (ECW) was an ignorant one.

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Heyman stated that he not only desperately tried everything within his power to save the company but also put every last bit of his own money he had into ECW, even when the company was dying.

Heyman made it clear that he had no regrets over going bankrupt trying to save ECW.  He also addressed Anderson’s comments about his pay of $75 per night working with ECW, in a closing tweet:

What’s next? 

Paul Heyman will likely be in Brock Lesnar’s corner for The Beast’s showdown with Goldberg at WrestleMania 33.

Sportskeeda’s Take

Anderson probably accomplished what he wanted to out of these comments, as the whole wrestling world is talking about him now. 

However, Heyman probably also accomplished what he wanted to with his rebuttal, by not only clearing his name from the controversy, but also by causing the people talking about C.W. Anderson to be laughing at him.

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