[PHOTO] CM Punk looks insanely jacked ahead of WWE SmackDown return after almost 10 years

CM Punk during his WWE RAW return
CM Punk during his WWE RAW return

WWE Superstar CM Punk is looking in incredible shape in a new photo shared by a fan at a gym.

It seems like CM Punk is hitting the gym regularly, and he was recently spotted by a fan at a gym.

The fan took a picture with Punk and shared it on Reddit's Squared Circle community.

Check out the picture below:

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CM Punk on headlining WrestleMania

At this point, fans are aware that Punk has always wanted to headline WrestleMania. Despite being one of the biggest superstars of all time, he has never headlined The Show of Shows.

During his iconic Pipebomb promo in mid-2011, Punk expressed his frustration over The Rock getting to headline WrestleMania 28.

Two years ago, Punk appeared on Barstool Sports’ My Mom’s Basement podcast. During the interview, he stated that he did headline 'Mania when he went one-on-one with The Undertaker in 2013:

“I think the last one I did, was it [WrestleMania] 29? Against Undertaker. Just given all the circumstances leading up to that and everything that happened after it. To me that’s the most defining Punk-Rock moment of my entire career...I was a man fu*king possessed, and I somehow simultaneously didn’t give a fu*k and cared way too much at the same time."

He continued:

"And I went out there and I fu*king absolutely destroyed it. And they couldn’t follow me, no matter what they said. People still to this day will be like, ‘Oh you never main evented WrestleMania.’ And I say yes I did. Yes I did. Because it’s that one. You should’ve just packed it up and fu*king went home after that, you know?” [H/T CSS]

Punk lost to The Undertaker that night at WrestleMania 29. He left WWE just months before WrestleMania XXX, his last appearance coming at the Royal Rumble on January 26. Now that Punk is back in WWE, it is highly likely that he will headline WrestleMania somewhere down the line.

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