Potential hint regarding the TV return of former WWE RAW superstar after 4 months

WWE RAW has been on the air since January 11, 1993.
WWE RAW has been on the air since January 11, 1993.

Several superstars were not selected in the 2023 WWE Draft a few months ago, and they became free agents. One of those superstars was Omos, who has been absent from television since the May 1st episode of WWE RAW.

Omos' manager, Montel Vontavious Porter, negotiated his status as a free agent during Night 1 of the supplemental draft. MVP wanted to maximize his client's visibility on both brands. It paid off early since Omos faced Seth Rollins at Backlash.

The Nigerian Giant has been largely absent on WWE television since losing to Rollins in Puerto Rico. He returned at SummerSlam as a surprise entrant at the Slim Jim Battle Royal but did not appear on TV afterward.

While a return to RAW or SmackDown is not clear, Omos recently shared a potential hint about his future. He has a new shirt on the WWE Shop and even gave a shoutout to his fans, calling them "Omosapiens."

"OMOSAPIENS!!!! You ask and we delivered!" Omos wrote.

Besides his surprise appearance at SummerSlam, Omos has only wrestled at live events since May 1st. He most recently faced Johnny Gargano over the weekend in New York and Virginia.

Omos discusses the possibility of becoming a babyface in WWE

In an interview with Blake Murphy of Sportsnet last month, Omos was open to turning face for the first time in his career. He likes the challenge of trying to gain sympathy as a 7-foot-3, 410-pound giant.

"From a psychology standpoint, it can be very challenging for someone who’s 7-foot-3, muscles, and huge and intimidating, to get sympathy," Omos said. "Heels don't inspire people, only babyfaces do. And for me, that's going to be the challenge: How can this big, giant person inspire people? Because there's no relatability to someone who's 7-foot-3."

At just 29 years old, Omos has not reached his potential, and giants will always have a place in sports entertainment. He will just need to make some improvements if he wants to be mentioned among greats such as Big Show, Andre The Giant, Kane, and The Undertaker.

Who should Omos face when he returns to either RAW or SmackDown? Share your answers in the comments section below.

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