Randy Orton should transition to this backstage role in WWE, according to legend (Exclusive)

Randy Orton has been absent from WWE since May 2022.
Randy Orton has been absent from WWE since May 2022.

WWE legend Teddy Long wants Randy Orton to go to NXT and help the younger generation of wrestlers if he was hanging up his boots.

With Bob Orton Jr. recently revealing that the doctors have advised The Viper to stay away from in-ring action, fans have been wondering what lies ahead for him. While some are still optimistic about the former WWE Champion making a comeback, many have braced themselves for his retirement.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling's The Wrestling Time Machine podcast, Teddy Long stated that since Orton need not worry about money, he could transition to a mentoring role. The former SmackDown General Manager explained that Randy Orton could take a young performer under his wing and mold him.

The WWE Hall of Famer also believes the 43-year-old could take a job down in NXT and mentor the up-and-coming stars alongside the likes of Shawn Michaels.

"If Randy is pretty much set, and the other thing you said about him taking somebody under his wing and helping him out. That's what I would do if I was this guy. Randy is still a young man; he's still got a long future. That's what I would do. If I were him, I would go to maybe NXT, take a job there, and help some of the young kids and show them the right way. Randy Orton is another guy who knows how this works, and that's why you gotta have people like him, Shawn Michaels, or Terry Taylor," said Teddy Long. (5:42 - 6:12)

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Teddy Long on Randy Orton giving back to the business

Furthermore, Teddy Long explained working as a coach in NXT could be a way to make easy money while also giving back to the business.

The WWE Hall of Famer thinks Orton could leave a lasting legacy behind by guiding the megastars of tomorrow.

"If Randy was smart, I would take that. That'd be easy and plus, he's giving back to the business. Then you can watch what you've done if you have helped some of the young kids out. You can sit back and watch and be proud of your work," added Teddy Long. (6:24 - 6:38)

It remains to be seen what's in store for Randy Orton, who was last seen on WWE's programming in May 2022.

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