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WWE News: Randy Orton wants to see Bray Wyatt become WWE Champion

Orton believes that Wyatt has what it takes to get to the top.

Orton joining the Wyatt Family was one of the most shocking moments of the year.

The unlikely pairing of Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton has exceeded several expectations so far with their inexplicable chemistry together. The risk of putting a top star such as Randy Orton among a rising star like Bray Wyatt seems to have paid off.

Randy Orton recently spoke to Sports Illustrated where he talked about the hidden potential of Bray Wyatt. He lamented the lack of chances Wyatt had got so far.

“He can be world champion, he just hasn’t had the opportunity yet.”

Orton had earlier spoken about the experience of working with the Wyatts and had described it as great, Orton believes that Wyatt has what it takes to get to the top, He said:

“It doesn’t hurt him to not be on top, so to speak. But on the other end of it, the Wyatt Family in many different situations has been on top, regardless of not having a title.”

Orton further commented about the character of Wyatt which he described as intriguing. He opined that Bray Wyatt’s character was destined to succeed and also said that Wyatt had the capability of reaching to the top with or without the title on his waist.

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Orton expressed his idea of seeing Wyatt as a champion and said that he deserves it completely.

“If Bray was on top with the gold around his waist as world champion, that would be a great thing and it would be great for him, too.”

Orton went on to speak about the experience factor in the case of Wyatt. He feels that Wyatt lacks experience as he has not competed at the top level so far, Orton, however, added that he had full faith in Bray Wyatt:

“There is a lot of experience he still needs to gain, and he can’t really get that experience unless he’s in that position. I have all the confident in him to succeed in that position.”

Wyatt has been one of the most underused talents on the roster, the poor booking has often cost him several chances over the years. With his ring work. charisma and mic skills evidently present, everything points to a future World Championship reign for the head of the Wyatt family.

One can only hope that the WWE takes note of his rise and builds him into a credible opponent for the top prize in the company.

Now, with Orton by his side and a Tag Team Championship belt on his shoulder, it can be said that Wyatt’s time to shine may finally be here. Here’s a video of the new Wyatt family winning the Tag team gold:

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