Raquel Rodriguez wants to stuff former rival in a trash can during WarGames

Raquel Rodriguez
Rodriguez hasn't forgotten about her history in WWE NXT

Raquel Rodriguez hopes to make history on the WWE main roster at Survivor Series.

Triple H announced last month that he would bring WarGames to the WWE main roster for the first time ever at Survivor Series this November with a match for both the men and the women.

Rodriguez was the latest guest on Under The Ring to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about Triple H bringing WarGames to the main roster, Rodriguez said she'd love to be part of it and hopes she gets to stuff Dakota Kai in a trash can at some point in the matchup.

"I would love to be in this year's WarGames," Raquel Rodriguez said. "I absolutely would love it. There's so much ... action in two rings that are next to each other, and the cage, and the weapons that get involved. You don't know who's going to get called in first. [Dakota Kai] has started all three in a row, and she literally has gone to the very end. That girl just goes. If we get to be on opposing sides again, I can't wait to stuff her in another trash can. Or if we are on the same side. Who knows?" [H/T: Wrestling Inc.]
The new episode of Under The Ring with @RaquelWWE launched a little early. Here she talks about some of her early influences.…

Raquel Rodriguez wants revenge on Dakota Kai for her new tag team partner Aliyah

Rodriguez and Kai had a friendship that turned into quite the rivalry in NXT, and it looks to be continuing on the WWE main roster.

Dakota Kai and IYO SKY were responsible for injuring Raquel's tag team partner Aliyah when they took away their WWE Women's World Tag Team titles.

It seems that Rodriguez and Aliyah will remain a tag team when the latter returns from injury in the near future.

What do you make of Raquel Rodriguez's comments? Do you think she'll be involved in the Women's WarGames match at Survivor Series? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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