Reasons for postponement of the WWE India show revealed (Exclusive)

The Usos were a featured attraction at WWE
The Usos were supposed to be a featured attraction at WWE's India show

While never officially announced by WWE, it was common knowledge that a super show had been scheduled for the city of Hyderabad in India come January.

As per a tweet by the good folks over at WrestleVotes, it does seem like the event has been moved to a later date.

Iā€™m told the proposed WWE Live Event in India scheduled for 1/18 has been postponed for unspecified reasons.

Sportskeeda Wrestling investigated the same, and it turns out that the show is scheduled to happen down the year. At this time, we heard conflicting reports about why the show was canceled.

Some sources indicate that the company did not want the date to clash with the New Zealand cricket team's India tour, which was scheduled to happen at the very same time. In fact, while the proposed event was supposed to take place on January 18, a major cricket match will occur on the same day in the city of Hyderabad.

Other sources indicate that the date was far too close to the Royal Rumble and RAW's XXX Anniversary show. While reports had suggested that the event in India would be a SmackDown-only affair, we were told that certain RAW stars were coming down too!

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Is the WWE India show happening?

While nothing is really carved in stone, we have reason to believe that India remains a strong market for WWE. The company is determined to make the show happen in India because of its strong fanbase and association with SONY Sports Network.

That said, it is unclear at this point when the eventual event will happen.

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