WWE to host a major Indian show in January (Exclusive)

Drew McIntyre may be one of the stars coming down to India
Drew McIntyre may be one of the stars coming down to India

Sportskeeda Wrestling has learned that WWE plans to host a major show in India come January.

For context, Drew McIntyre has been vocal about bringing WWE down to India and has spoken about even petitioning as hard as he did to bring the live experience to the UK. Simultaneously, WrestleVotes posted about the possibility of an international live event not long ago.

Sportskeeda Wrestling has learned that the event is slated to take place on a grand scale in Hyderabad. The roster will comprise a mix of superstars, both Indian and international.

Our sources even stated that the most likely date for the event is January 18th, as reported by WrestleVotes.

Who will visit India as a part of this grand WWE event?

While our sources would not volunteer information regarding this, the consensus was that Drew McIntyre was a lock. This makes sense if you consider that he recently made a trip to India and is also part of a big Bollywood project.

The rest of the roster is yet to be determined at this point.

Our source would not confirm if this event was a sequel to the Superstar Spectacle event from 2021. That said, the timing is close to India's Republic Day (January 26th), and hence, one can make the educated assumption that it'll be on similar lines.