Released WWE Superstar Lio Rush calls out Mark Henry

  • Mark Henry's comments caused a former WWE Superstar to call out the WWE Hall of Famer for his continued criticism.
  • Will Mark Henry have a response to the challenge made by the former WWE Superstar?
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Modified 14 May 2020, 20:45 IST

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The World's Strongest Man Mark Henry

Former WWE Superstar Lio Rush called out a WWE Hall of Famer for the lies they claim are continuing to be told about them.

Lio Rush, who was recently released by WWE, called out Mark Henry for his public criticisms that have continued since their discussion last year. 

Lio Rush
Lio Rush's tweet

The tweets from Rush came as a response to Henry doing a Q&A on Instagram where he said there was no heat between himself and Rush even though he tried to help him navigate the WWE system, but didn't take the advice.

Rush would go on to demand that Henry bring him on his show so both Superstars can have a conversation and let the public take a side.

Tweet from Lio Rush
Tweet from Lio Rush

Rush responded to fans in the comments asking if the conversation with Henry should be in private, but he responded saying they already had a conversation and Henry took it upon himself to make it public.

The series of tweets would continue with Rush calling Henry egotistical for claiming he knows more about the system and how all the respect he had for the WWE Hall of Famer ended once he took the issue to his podcast.


Mark Henry has yet to respond to Rush's comments at the time of this writing.

History of Lio Rush & Mark Henry's heat

Back in 2019, Rush did an interview with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful following rumors that the former RAW Superstar had backstage heat. Rush criticized WWE for certain hazing practices, his lack of pay as Bobby Lashley's manager, and how the company makes wrestlers pay for their own rental cars and hotels.

" My issue is the fact that I haven’t been on meet & greets with Bobby, haven’t been getting paid for merchandise for us that has my catchphrases on them. (I) have been sent to live shows and TVs and forced to pay for my own rental for 5 days as well as hotel while not making enough money to do so. Walking around broke in the biggest sports entertainment industry that there is while having two kids and a wife to support.”

Mark Henry would discuss the issue on his radio show, SiriusXM Busted Open, claiming he pulled Rush aside to ask what was wrong, but Rush told him there wasn't an issue.

Herny went on to say that Rush was spending his money poorly and that wrestlers back in Henry's day would've told Rush to drive Lashley around and to get water for him.

"If you’re walking around and cannot pay for a rental car, you can’t pay for a hotel with the money that you make every week? Then you need to change the way you are spending. You can’t blame that on the office. If you spent everything you made before you got it, that’s your problem.”

Rush was released by WWE in April 2020 due to budget cuts stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The former Cruiserweight Champion was rumored to be retiring from professional wrestling and addressed the topic in a recent interview.

Published 14 May 2020, 20:45 IST
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