Renee Paquette announces the return of WWE Backstage

Renee Paquette took to Twitter this afternoon to announce the return of WWE Backstage.
Renee Paquette took to Twitter this afternoon to announce the return of WWE Backstage.

WWE Backstage is coming back on Royal Rumble weekend. For those unfamiliar, Backstage was a weekly studio show on FOX Sports 1 that featured Renee Paquette, Booker T, Paige, CM Punk, and others. FOX canceled it last year due to cutting back on studio shows due to the global pandemic.

This afternoon both Paquette and Paige announced via the WWE on FOX Twitter account that the show would be returning on January 30 at 8 PM EST on FS1, the night before the WWE Royal Rumble.

While there is no confirmation whether this is a one time deal or not, here is what Paquette had to say regarding the return of the show.

"Oh baby, it's happening. I am so freaking excited about this's happening, January 30 on FS1 at 8 PM Eastern time. You guys, feast your eyes on an episode of WWE Backstage. The gang is getting back together we're going to talk all things WWE, it will air as I just said on the eve right before the Royal Rumble, my personal favorite pay-per-view of all time so I cannot wait. I get to see my girl Paige and get to see my dude Booker.
"This is just going to be a moment, I cannot wait. It means that I have to like, get out of my house too. So, if I remember to pack a bag and drive my a** to Los Angeles, it's all happening make sure you guys catch it. Tweet us, message us, do all the things that you need to do. Send us everything because we are also excited WWE Backstage is happening, January 30 8 PM Eastern Time on FS1 put in your calendars set an alarm clock. Do whatever you have to do, we'll see you guys then."

WWE Backstage will air the night before the Royal Rumble at 8 PM EST on FS1

One name, conspicuous by his absence, is none other than CM Punk. Judging by his tweet in response to this announcement, he will not be part of the broadcast. While it's a shame he's not scheduled for this show, maybe we'll see him in the future if it comes back regularly.

Are you excited about the return of WWE Backstage? Would you like to see it back permanently? Let us know by sounding off in the comments section below.

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