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Renee Paquette reveals possible reason why WWE never let her wrestle

Maryse slaps Renee Paquette
Maryse slaps Renee Paquette
Modified 15 Dec 2020

Renee Paquette recently sat down with the "Getting Over" podcast, and the former WWE announcer discussed a variety of topics. Paquette was asked whether she ever pondered on getting into the ring, or if WWE ever pitched something to her in regards to in-ring competition or a storyline where she needed to get physical.

Renee Paquette believes that WWE didn't want to ruin what they had with her in an announcing/talk show host capacity, and thus she never wrestled in the ring. She added that she was down to get physical, as she has always been open to new opportunities.

So, I was always down to do something. Anything, whether it's a storyline, whether it involves physicality. I played sports. I was such a tomboy growing up. I wasn't like a fragile little thing. Like, I will get in there and get dirty and get scraped up, I'm not afraid of that.
The way that I see it anyways, I think with the success I was able to have with WWE as just a broadcaster and as a personality, I think that the higher-ups in WWE valued what I brought to the table. They were afraid of tarnishing that by letting me get involved in the storylines and not be taken so seriously, or to be made the butt-end of a joke or something.

Renee Paquette was incredibly successful as a broadcaster/talk show host

Renee Paquette did well as a backstage interviewer and went on to announce on WWE NXT. She later bagged a gig to announce WWE RAW, which lasted around a year. Additionally, Renee Paquette hosted the critically-acclaimed talk show, Talking Smack, as well as WWE Backstage on FS1.

The closest Renee Paquette got to getting physical was when she was interviewing The Miz on an episode of SmackDown and slapped him when he mentioned Jon Moxley in a berating manner. Later, Maryse confronted her in a backstage area and slapped her for hitting her husband. This was it in terms of Paquette getting physical, and nothing more came of it.

Published 15 Dec 2020, 10:55 IST
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