When was Big E notified he'd win the WWE Championship? - Reports

Big E celebrates with the crowd following his historic WWE Championship win this past Monday.
Big E celebrates with the crowd following his historic WWE Championship win this past Monday.

Big E's cash-in of his Money in the Bank contract and subsequent WWE Championship win from this past Monday is still fresh in everybody's mind. So much so that more behind the scenes details continue to roll in. Now, Fightful has reported a few more tidbits of information.

Big E was notified of his win that very Monday

It had been known for a while that plans were for Big E to be crowned WWE Champion around the time of the next WWE Draft. However, the plans for when the draft was to be held were changed. This resulted in changes in plans for Big E's huge moment.

According to Fightful, when the Bobby Lashley/Randy Orton title bout was moved up to Monday, so were the plans for Big E. In fact, the New Day member and former Intercontinental Champion wasn't informed that he was going to be successfully cashing in until that very day. This year's other Money in the Bank winner, Nikki A.S.H., was also notified the very same day as her successful cash-in.

Nearly everybody stayed backstage to see Big E's victory

When word got out backstage, nearly everybody stuck around at the end of the show to watch. Typically, the majority of the talent leaves the venue before the show ends if they aren't needed - usually in order to prepare for their travel the next day. Not so much the case this time around. The reaction to the title change was seemingly met with, as Fightful described it, "universal elation," as Big E is exceptionally well-loved by everybody backstage.

Of course, this is only the beginning, as there's a new episode of RAW this Monday, and the Extreme Rules pay-per-view to look out for.

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