Rey Mysterio on John Cena's return to WWE and helping coach his son Dominik

Rey Mysterio discusses what it's like to have John Cena back in the WWE locker room.
Rey Mysterio discusses what it's like to have John Cena back in the WWE locker room.
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Rey Mysterio is happy to be working alongside John Cena again in WWE. He's also excited about Cena helping to coach his son Dominik in matches the three men are working together on the live event loop right now.

Rey Mysterio recently sat down with Steven Muehlhausen of DAZN to discuss all things WWE. When discussing John Cena's assistance in coaching his son, Rey Mysterio says the things Dominik can learn from Cena are completely different than what he can teach him.

"To hear Cena coaching him in the corner, and he just stayed quiet," Rey Mysterio revealed. "What he learned from Cena is completely different than what he's going to learn from me. So I asked Cena to coach my son as much as he can. He's all yours. Dominik learned a lot this past weekend, and it's only gonna get better."

Rey Mysterio has nothing but respect for John Cena and The Rock

Rey Mysterio went on to talk about the type of character John Cena has to return from Hollywood and not only work weekly WWE television but live events as well.

"I have nothing but respect for John, and the same goes with The Rock," Rey Mysterio said. "The Rock took off for Hollywood and came back on certain occasions, but he just became a humongous Hollywood star, and that's consuming most of the time. With John, he just happened to have a break right now, and he's back. Now he's not only doing TVs, but he's wanting to do house shows as well. So that just tells me the type of character he has, the type of person he is. He’s willing to drive and do the supershows that we're kicking off that we had last weekend and now this upcoming weekend."

Rey Mysterio believes the return of John Cena to WWE is not only good for the fans but the locker room as well.

"It’s not only good for morale, but the fans are entertained and are buying tickets to go see Cena, my son, and myself," Rey Mysterio continued. "So we get the rub off of John. He made his name in this wrestling world, and now he's jumped over to Hollywood. But he's coming back and forth. This might not be the last time we're going to see him. I think we are going to see him more. But he's making the time, and I think we're all thankful from the WWE locker rooms that he’s taking the time to come back and put in the work that once made him famous."

Do you think John Cena's return to WWE is good for morale? How much do you think Domnik can learn from Cena over the next few weeks tagging together on WWE house shows? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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