Rey Mysterio reveals who was responsible for him being unmasked in WCW

Rey Mysterio was unmasked in 1999
Rey Mysterio was unmasked in 1999

WWE legend and current SmackDown Superstar Rey Mysterio was recently interviewed by Ariel Helwani. During the interview, Mysterio discussed his run in WCW and Helwani brought up Mysterio being unmasked in 1999. Rey was asked about what made WCW decide to unmask him. Mysterio attributed the decision to a comment made by Scott Hall and went on to elaborate:

From my understanding, there was a rumor that was spread out by one person and one person only - Scott Hall. Scott Hall was like 'Rey what are you doing with that mask, you're a pretty mother*****r man'. I was like 'come on man, don't start rumors' and that led into another thing and you know, eventually they felt that it was time for me to wrestle without the mask. Now, we didn't market the mask like it should have been marketed in WCW which later on, Vince capitalized on that because WWE has always been good at expanding the merchandise sales. In WCW it was never made, they never gave it that push that the mask deserved and the history behind lucha libre. Again, I believe it was one comment made by Scott which then a couple of years later ended up with me taking off the mask.

During the interview, Rey Mysterio also discussed how much longer he planned to continue wrestling. You can check that out HERE.

A brief look at Rey Mysterio's unmasking in WCW

Rey Mysterio and Konnan teamed up at WCW SuperBrawl IX to take on Kevin Nash and Scott Hall in a 'mask vs hair' match. After losing the match, Mysterio was forced to unmask and wrestled without his mask for the rest of his WCW career.

Rey Mysterio has spoken about how he wasn't happy with the decision. In one interview, he said that he had no say in the matter and he "either had to lose my mask or lose my job".

WWE put the mask back on Rey Mysterio after he signed with the promotion, which in hindsight was a genius move from Vince McMahon.

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