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Rey Mysterio wins the 'Final Chapter' of his feud with Seth Rollins after Murphy's betrayal

Rollins and Mysterio face off in the Final Chapter
Rollins and Mysterio face off in the Final Chapter
Nithin Joseph
Modified 14 Nov 2020, 08:58 IST

Tonight's smackDown saw the culmination of the rivalry between Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio. With Rey Mysterio claiming to be ready to end the reign of that whom he considers to be the 'devil' in Seth Rollins. The Final Chapter was a 'No Holds Barred' match as Rollins and Mysterio was looking to put an end to this feud and move on.

The match began in the favor of Rey Mysterio, who attacked Rollins relentlessly, aiming for The Messiah's knee. However, the strength of Rollins would prove to be an important factor as he used it to his advantage to overpower Rey Mysterio.

That being said, The Master Of The 619 would aim to use his speed to help him get out of some sticky situations.

Things seemed to be going in Mysterio's favor only for Rollins to once again take advantage of using his strength to slam Rey Mysterio into the turnbuckle and apron multiple times before throwing him at the feet of his family.

The match was a slugfest between the two, with Rollins and Mysterio trading a number of spots including a failed attempt at the Three Amigos from Seth Rollins and a successful Powerbomb through the table on Rey Mysterio as well.

The match looked all but over when Seth Rollins removed the protector from one of the chair legs and attempted to gouge out Rey's other eye. However, the tide turned when Murphy attempted to assist his Messiah.

Murphy turns his back on Seth Rollins; helps Rey Mysterio end the feud


While the match was entertaining and a tribute to wrestling, there seemed to be a lack of involvement from two of the key characters in this storyline, namely Aalyah Mysterio and Murphy. While the former did not have much involvement in the match, Murphy turned the tide when he attempted to assist The Messiah as any Disciple would.

Murphy looked all set to help Seth Rollins attain victory. However, when Rollins had turned his back, Murphy took the opportunity to stab him, delivering a knee to the face of Rollins.

While this did not do much to The Messiah, it did enough to send him into a frenzy, which saw him screaming and questioning Murphy's actions. This, unfortunately, led to Rollins finding himself in an unfortunate position on the ropes, allowing Rey Mysterio to perform a 619.

The sequence then led to a 'Frogsplash', a tribute to the late Eddie Guerrero, and then the three-count, which saw Mysterio officially finish the 'Final Chapter'. However, this wasn't the end, as this led to a heartwarming scene that saw Rey Mysterio finally accept Murphy and Aalyah's relationship.


This brings an end to what was an interesting rivalry between the Mysterio family and Seth Rollins. However, there are still questions to be answered regarding Murphy and Aalyah's relationship, as well as how Seth Rollins will handle this betrayal. Only time will tell.

Published 14 Nov 2020, 08:58 IST
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