WWE Hall of Famer returns after Rhea Ripley handcuffs Edge in incredibly brutal ending to I Quit match at Extreme Rules

The Rated R Superstar has been feuding against The Judgment Day

Multi-time WWE Champion Edge wrestled Finn Balor in an I Quit match at WWE Extreme Rules. The Rated R Superstar's wife and Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix made a shocking return to help her husband.

The founder of Judgment Day was kicked out of the group after Finn Balor joined the faction. That put the WWE Hall of Famer out of action for a few months before he made a return at SummerSlam. The Rated-R Superstar then teamed up with Rey Mysterio to earn a win against Judgment Day at Clash at the Castle. The end of the match saw Domnik turn on the legends.

After being beaten down by the faction a couple of weeks later, Edge challenged Finn Balor to an I Quit match at WWE Extreme Rules.

As the match began, both superstars had a lot of hatred for each other. The Rated-R Superstar locked in a version of the Texas Cloverleaf on Balor. As the former Universal Champion was about to quit, Damian Priest ran in, creating a distraction.

Rhea Ripley popped out of nowhere and handcuffed Edge. All the members of The Judgment Day ganged up on the Rated R Superstar. Rey Mysterio came out with a chair but was taken out by the faction.

It looked like it was curtains for the Hall of Famer until Beth Phoenix shocked the world by making a return. She brought a kendo stick along with her and beat up every member of the faction.

Phoenix managed to get the keys from Ripley and released her husband from the handcuffs.

Edge had the upper hand, but then The Nightmare attacked the former Women's Champion with brass knuckles and set up to hit the con-chair-to on her. This forced the multi-time world champion to say, "I quit." Despite Edge quitting, Ripley hit the con-chair-to anyway.

The rivalry between the Rated R Superstar and Judgment seems to be far from over.

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