Ric Flair says legendary 4-time World Champion wanted him "gone" from the wrestling business

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Ric Flair was in WCW in 1993 following his successful WWE stint
Ric Flair was in WCW in 1993 following his successful WWE stint

Ric Flair's wrestling career was a storied one like no other. Regardless of the promotion, he was a main eventer. Hence, he has many crazy stories, but this one involves a legendary former world champion who wanted him to retire way back in 1993.

In 1993, Ric Flair finished his run with the WWE after two world title runs and was back in WCW. One key figure there was Sid Vicious, who was reportedly set to get a massive push at Starrcade 1993 with a win over Vader in their scheduled bout.

But before the match, the infamous Sid-Arn Anderson stabbing incident happened, resulting in the former getting released. Ric Flair was the one who replaced him at Starrcade, but according to him, Sid Vicious didn't feel like he belonged there anymore.

Speaking on his Wooooo Nation Uncensored podcast, Flair revealed that Vicious wanted him gone from the wrestling business.

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"I was there, I didn't see it [The stabbing incident].I get along with Sid [Vicious] now. I don't even know why the conversation went the way it did. Arn was sticking up for me, because Sid kept saying 'Flair is too old, he needs to move along'. I wasn't even a champion. I think at that point in time, a few guys like Sid felt like I needed to be gone from the business. I've talked to Sid, I don't bear any hard feelings towards him. He suffered one of the most horrific injuries that I've ever seen in a ring, when he broke his leg in half. It was terrible, I'll always have a special place in my heart for anyone who has been hurt that badly in the ring," Flair said.

Back in the 1990s, superstars were desperate to protect their spot due to the highly-competitive nature of the business. Sid Vicious' mentality was likely a result of this, which is why he may have wanted Ric Flair, a main event player, to leave the industry.

Ric Flair and Sid Vicious went on to have long careers

Ric Flair's career in WWE ended in 2008, 15 years after Sid Vicious wanted him gone from the business. However, Flair returned to the ring a year later and wrestled in IMPACT Wrestling. The promotion turned out to be Flair's official in-ring farewell as he never wrestled since then.

As for Sid Vicious, he mostly spent the 2000s wrestling for various small promotions and even had a match on RAW against Heath Slater in 2012 - his first match on the red brand after 15 years. He officially retired in 2017.

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