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Ricochet gets emotional while talking about his position in WWE after RAW

Ricochet opened up about his spot on RAW and the possibility of joining RETRIBUTION.
Ricochet opened up about his spot on RAW and the possibility of joining RETRIBUTION.
Modified 22 Dec 2020, 11:44 IST

Ricochet was a guest on the latest RAW Talk edition after the post-TLC episode of Monday Night RAW.

Ricochet suffered another crushing defeat this week, this time at the hands of T-Bar, and the post-match segment ended with all the RETRIBUTION members standing over the former NXT Superstar.

RETRIBUTION wants Ricochet to join the faction, but the former NXT North American Champion has rejected the advances for several weeks. However, RETRIBUTION might finally be getting to him.

Ricochet was asked about the turbulent weeks and the possibility of him joining RETRIBUTION by Charly Caruso on RAW Talk. Ricochet said that he would not have entertained the idea in the past, but he would now have to sit and think about it.

"Honestly, if you'd asked me that question two weeks ago, hell, if you'd asked me that question a week ago. I would have confidently told you no. But, now; now the more that I sit and think about it, that's the problem alone. I have to sit, and I have to think about it."

Ricochet also spoke about the frustrations regarding his position in the WWE. Ricochet was unhappy that he always ended up on the losing end, and he vowed to change.

"I have to figure out some way; I have to figure out what it is in myself is why I always continue to fail? I couldn't hold on to the United States Championship for more than a couple of weeks. I couldn't even touch Brock Lesnar. I couldn't even beat the Hurt Business, and now I can't beat RETRIBUTION. So, something has got to change, and I don't know what that is yet."

R-Truth attempted to motivate an emotional Ricochet, who was on the brink of breaking down. Ricochet continued to state that he's got to change something, and he is tired of looking up at the lights every night on RAW. As much I, believe me, I want to sit here, and I want to believe that but.


I also cannot continue to be the one that people step over in order to further their own careers: Ricochet

"Something has (stutters). Something's got to change, Charly. I don't know what that is, and I want to figure it out, and I feel like I'm on the way, but something has got to change because if I stay the same, and the same things are going to happen, and that's someone standing over me and me looking up at the lights. Every single night it's the same. So, something has got to change."
Ricochet on RAW Talk.
Ricochet on RAW Talk.

Joining RETRIBUTION might be the need of the hour for Ricochet.

"I don't want to. I know that. I don't want to be involved with RETRIBUTION in any way. However, I also cannot continue to be the one that people step over in order to further their own careers. I cannot continue to do that. So, if that means trying something different, who knows?"

The Ricochet-RETRIBUTION angle seems to be heading towards a predictable destination - Ricochet could end up joining the faction sooner rather than later.

Despite being considered a top-tier wrestler, Ricochet has not cemented himself as a top star on the main roster, and his struggles have been blamed on WWE's erratic booking decisions. Will his fortunes change anytime soon? Let us know your opinions in the comments section.

Published 22 Dec 2020, 11:44 IST
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