Riddle reveals backstage reaction to pitching RK-Bro

RK-Bro is currently a popular tag team in WWE
RK-Bro is currently a popular tag team in WWE
Nithin Joseph

WWE superstar and current RAW Tag Team Champion Riddle revealed he got a lot of laughs when he first pitched the idea of RK-Bro.

Riddle and his partner/best friend, Randy Orton, have become a popular tag team within WWE. The duo has gone on to find much success since their formation and, currently, are reigning and defending RAW Tag Team Champions.

On an episode of Peter Rosenberg's Cheap Heat podcast, The Original Bro revealed that he received a positive reaction when he first pitched the idea and his talkativeness and good timing led to the creation of RK-Bro.

"I mentioned it about a month or so before it actually happened. I mentioned it to some of the writers, and some of the boys in the back. They all proceeded to laugh at me when I said, ‘How cool would RK-Bro be?’"

Riddle went to talk about his process and how he approaches his ideas:

"Most of the things I do, I try to talk to the writing team, and I try to talk to the camera crew. I try to talk to everybody and have fun with everybody. I noticed by doing that, my coworkers learn my mannerisms, they learn how I talk, my dialect I guess. They can do things better for me."

Talking about RK-Bro, Riddle continued:

"RK-Bro, I brought it up, wishful thinking, and it got laughed at. I was like, oh that will never happen. A couple weeks later, Randy didn’t have an opponent and I didn’t have an opponent, and we made it happen." (H/T:
Full Sit Down with @SuperKingofBros ! Loved talking to this dude for the first time ... enjoy Riddle on His Real Friendship with Randy Orton, Wrestling Goldberg and B... via @YouTube

RK-Bro is a testament to what persistence can do in WWE. Luckily for the WWE Universe, Riddle was persistent enough, and we now get to see RK-Bro perform every Monday.

Riddle wants a match with WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam

RK-Bro's origins weren't the only thing Riddle discussed with Peter Rosenberg. The former United States Champion also revealed some of his dream match-ups.

Primary among them was a potential match against WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam. A match between the two would certainly be fun to watch, especially considering just how much in common they have. The story writes itself.

Would you like to see RVD vs. Riddle in the squared circle? Let us know in the comments section below!

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