"That would have been cool" - Riddle discusses WWE Hall of Famer almost becoming his manager


Riddle is arguably at the peak of his wrestling career on the WWE main roster right now. Partnering up with Randy Orton has done wonders for the former NXT Tag Team Champion as he is now part of one of the hottest acts on RAW.

However, The Legend Killer wasn't the only veteran WWE was planning on pairing Riddle up with. Last year, WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle was offered the role of managing Riddle when he was called up to the WWE main roster.

Angle and Riddle shared multiple on-screen appearances as the former WWE Champion was a special guest referee in Riddle's last match in NXT. Angle was also the one to announce Riddle's arrival on the main roster.

However, Angle turned down the offer, later stating that he rejected it due to two main reasons. Speaking with Sony Sports India, Riddle discussed what it was like interacting with Angle and almost having him as a manager:

"For him to go out of his way and make that announcement, referee that match, and trust me, there's no way [to get] in the Fight Pit match other than climbing over the cage and everything else. Kurt climbed in that cage for me to do the match. I appreciate everything Kurt's done. There was a rumor that he was gonna be my manager and I was like Oh that would have been cool [to have] Kurt as my manager. Maybe we could have wrestled at some point. But, at the same time, you can't ask for much more. The guy gave me my main roster introduction and he was part of my last match in NXT. So hats off to Kurt. He's a good guy."

Fans often point out similarities within the wrestling style of the two and it would have been interesting to see how their pairing would have worked out in WWE.

Riddle on looking up to Kurt Angle in WWE

In the same interview, Riddle shared his thoughts on Kurt Angle and showered praise upon the wrestling legend:

"Kurt Angle - One of the greatest stallions in the history of sports entertainment." said Riddle. "I don't look up to many people, but Kurt Angle is probably one of the few people I actually look up to because the guy is an Olympic Gold Medalist, the guy loves what he does. He's a hard worker and one of the nicest guys I've met since I've been in the business."


How do you think their pairing would have worked out? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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