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WWE News: Rikishi reveals who came up with idea of the stinkface, talks Roman Reigns and Usos

Rikishi opens up on the Samoan culture, his love for wrestling, Roman Reigns and more

Rikishi was inducted into the WWE Hall on Fame in 2015

Former WWE superstar and Hall of Famer Rikishi spoke to the Miami Herald recently in an interview. During the interview, Rikishi spoke about his memorable Hall of Fame experience, his trademark move, the Stinkface, Roman Reigns and much more.

Rikishi joked that he didn’t actually believe that he would ever be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

He revealed that he had in fact, hung up after the first call thinking that it was a prank. However, when the news finally set in, Rikishi said that he was overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude. He was thankful to his fans and his great Samoan heritage that paved the way for his success in the wrestling business.

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Rikishi mentioned that the Stinkface was his and Vince’s idea. He revealed that it was a way to pay tribute to Yokozuna, and yet be unique to the Rikishi character at the same time.

Rikishi confessed that he could never match Yokozuna’s star power and attraction, but also added that he was definitely over with the crowd. He claimed that his thong, bleached blonde hair, and dance moves somehow set him apart from the roster and got him over with the crowd resulting in some huge pops.

Rikishi also spoke on the legacy of the Samoan Dynasty. He was proud of the fact that his sons, The Usos and his cousin Roman Reigns were carrying on the legacy of some of the greatest Samoan wrestlers in the history of the business such as “High Chief’ Peter Maivia, Afa and Sika, Yokozuna, Umaga and of course The Rock.

Speaking on the current generation of Samoan wrestlers, he said:

“The boys and Roman Reigns are doing well. All the family is proud of them, doing such a great job representing the family and continuing the legacy and the Samoan Dynasty.

In our family, we don't know why there are so many of us in wrestling. We think about it at the dinner table when we have big family reunions, and it just comes from a passion and love we have for the industry.”

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