Rohit Raju crowned as the new X-Division Champion at IMPACT Wrestling Emergence Night One

Chris Bey dropped the X-Division Championship after one month
Chris Bey dropped the X-Division Championship after one month

Chris Bey recently captured the X-Division Championship after defeating Willie Mack back at Slammiversary. A month to the day, IMPACT Wrestling's Finesse Division Champ put his belt on the line in a three-way bout. Over the past month, Rohit Raju has been poking the bear of sorts, trying to get TJP involved in the X-Division Championship picture.

Though TJP and his partner Fallah Bahh have been focused on the IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Titles, the Desi Hitman was able to antagonize TJP enough.

After that was done, Raju buddied up with Bey, hoping to "look out" for the champ at IMPACT Wrestling Emergence Night One by adding himself to the bout. Bey agreed, and that wound up being his downfall.

Rohit Raju captures the X-Division Championship at IMPACT Wrestling Emergence

After years of grinding with the Desi Hit Squad, spending some time alone managed to bring the best out of Rohit Raju. At IMPACT Wrestling Emergence Night One, Raju played TJP and Chris Bey like a fiddle.

After biding his time for the entire match, Raju found himself sitting on top of a turnbuckle while Chris Bey was trapped in the tree of woe. Once he realized that TJP was unable to stop him, he targeted Bey, laying him out with the double foot stomp to the jaw. 1-2-3, and Chris Bey's X-Division Championship reign came to an end at thirty one days.

This was Rohit Raju's first championship in IMPACT Wrestling, and a big win for the longtime veteran.

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