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WWE News: Ryback opens up about past steroid use

Jon Fuentes
2.84K   //    12 Oct 2016, 08:49 IST
Former WWE Superstar Ryback 

Former WWE Superstar Ryback has left the company on not too great terms, and has been telling a plethora of stories regarding his time with the WWE since starting his new podcast ‘Conversation With The Big Guy’.

During the latest episode of the show, Ryback opened up about his past steroid use, in which he admitted to the use of testosterone and other steroids just five years before his run with the WWE. The abuse would eventually lead to the shutting down of his body and the dropping of his testosterone levels significantly.

This would thus end up forcing ‘The Big Guy’ to undergo testosterone replacement therapy:

"I had a very negative reaction to testosterone and different steroids where it shut me down tremendously. And when I say, 'shut me down', my natural testosterone did not come back or it was not back to what was perceived to be the normal limits, which is not uncommon, but everyone reacts differently.

Ryback also would go on to praise the WWE’s Wellness Policy, which has seen some violations as of late in the form of Alberto Del Rio, Paige, and Eva Marie’s recent out of ring issues. Ryback claimed to have been tested multiple times for the Wellness Policy, claiming to be quite proud of it:

"That's one thing with WWE, I will say, and from my experience, I was tested all the time and they did a great job. And I love that that was implemented because, and not to say that steroids were the only thing contributing to people dying early. It was a lot of things. for whatever reason they did it, who cares? They did it and it's a good thing, and, I've always, from day one, that's one thing I am proud of them for, that they did implement that because, for me, it, like, put restrictions on me, where, like, it challenged me. 

WWE and the wrestling business in general, has been notorious for steroid usage in the past, Vince McMahon has found himself in the midst of several steroid allegations and investigations. The most famous one perhaps, coming in 1993 when he was accused of distributing steroids to wrestlers performing for the then-WWF.

Vince McMahon was eventually acquitted of all charges, but the image of the company and its’ association with steroids still persists in public memory.

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